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Online marketers are virtually engaged with tough fight among themselves. Smart effort helps one biting its competitors the dust. XOVI with its simple and strong SEO tools offers a marketer opportunity to evolve powerful strategies so that it can get past its top rivals on SERPs.


Anything You Want To Know About : XOVI

XOVI Description

An internet marketer must be always confused with the visibility mechanism of websites on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for specific keywords. Despite hard effort, your business name is not appearing above your close competitors.

Why does this discrimination happen? And, Who’s the judge here? A set of similar questions might load your head. No worries…, XOVI is at work to lessen your burden with its simple and yet effective tools.

Every company has its unique strategy to do good on the web. And the strategy decides their position on SERPs. Even if the company crawling at the bottom of the SERPs can track the strategy of its above ranked competitors, then it can replace them from their position too by adopting more powerful strategies.

XOVI would let you know the strategies of any company you want to know in a fraction of time just by typing its web address in its Analysis box.

Through the Keyword Tool of XOVI, you can get the idea of several keywords and their potential to take on your competitors. Technically, few keywords are very difficult and few are less to compete for higher ranking on SERPs.

XOVI Keyword Monitoring Tool helps you check your keywords’ development every day on the web. The regular checks let you think on the ranking fluctuations and enforce you to transform your online visibility strategies accordingly.

You can analyze and optimize the technical implementation of your website with the XOVI’s Onpage Tool thereby paving the door to higher visibility on the web. Utilizing this tool, you can analyze up to 25,000 of URLs, and optimize title tags, headings and meta descriptions—the most important ranking factors.

The Link Tool of XOVI lets you know the backlink data of your own website and/or any other sites you want to know. You can compare your link profile with your competitors’.

The XOVI Disavow Tool allows you to analyze your link profile and help you from Google penalties by removing harmful links. It ensures your link building campaign completely safe and effective.

The Link Manager Tool of XOVI is an extension of its Link Tool, which empowers you to check your links’ validity and existence. It is one of the most powerful features to keep eye on link building, link removal and links agreements.

The XOVI’s Affiliate Tool lets you know the details of advertising partners, if any, for a particular page of a website.

It is necessary to strengthen your online campaign and know your competitors’ keywords and campaign. No matter, XOVI is also there to help you with its SEA Tool.

Customize report for internal purposes or for customers with the XOVI Reporting Tool. With it, you can include your logo, data, color, etc. You can automate the reporting process to your address at regular intervals as per your demand.

The Social Analytics Tool of XOVI helps to track one’s social media activities. You can track your important facts and figures and use them effectively to dominate your competitors.

You can get a comprehensive overview of a site’s social networking with the XOVI Social Signals Tool. It can give you a clear idea which type of posts get maximum likes and shares and which the least on social networks. According to which, you have to change your strategies.

With the Searchanalytics Tool of XOVI, you can keep tab on visitors on your webpages. It gives you the precise information which boost your online marketing campaign.

XOVI Features

Keywords Tool
XOVI offers you a set of data relating to your keywords and educates you how they are crucial in increasing your website’s visibility. It suggests you the most and the least competitive keywords in order to beat your competitors.

Keyword-Monitoring Tool
Through the Monitoring tool of XOVI, you can track your keywords’ ranking every day, and according to which you can change your SEO strategy.

Onpage Tool
Effective onpage analysis is most needed for better performance in SERPs. Search engine crawlers love to visit those sites that are free from coding flaws.

Links Tool
Density of quality backlinks influence your website’s ranking. Considering its importance, XOVI offers you the backlink data of yours and you competitors.

Disavow Tool
Being envy to your success, some of your competitors may use your domain name in toxic sites to get you search engine penalties. XOVI helps you trace such links to disavow.

Link Manager Tool
This XOVI Tool gives you the details of your key links. So that you can notice your link growth development over a period of time and respond to changes.

Affiliate Tool
XOVI can let you know the advertising partners of your competitors. It can accept your affiliation invitation for your business growth.

SEA Tool
You can get a clear report of your competitors’ online marketing measures with XOVI tool. Using this, you can track your competitors’ ads and also their keywords used in them.

Reporting Tool
XOVI lets you include your own layout, logo and content in customizing your own report. One can automate the report sending by specifying the intervals.

Social Analytics Tool
XOVI can track one’s activities on various social medias. As a result, you can compare your social media presence with your competitors and optimize your campaigns.

Social Signals Tool
It is important to know your competitors’ presence in various social networks. XOVI can help you in this regard and makes you transform your strategies accordingly.

Search Analytics Tool
XOVI can let you know your domain’s popularity by displaying visitors’ movement on your site. It can give you the idea to focus on particular products geographically.

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XOVI Screenshots

XOVI Keyword Tool XOVI Keyword Tool
XOVI Keyword-Monitoring Tool XOVI Keyword-Monitoring Tool
XOVI Onpage Tool XOVI Onpage Tool
XOVI Link Tool XOVI Link Tool
XOVI Linkmanager XOVI Linkmanager
XOVI Disavow Tool XOVI Disavow Tool
XOVI Social-Analytics Tool XOVI Social-Analytics Tool
XOVI Social-Signals Tool XOVI Social-Signals Tool
XOVI Affiliate Tool XOVI Affiliate Tool
XOVI Reporting Tool XOVI Reporting Tool

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